Differences in Blood Sample Glucose Levels and Urine in Diabetes Mellitus Patients Type NIDDM in The Laboratory of Hospital Santa Elisabeth Medan


  • Seri Rayani Bangun STIKes Santa Elisabeth, Medan
  • Anna Pefrianti Siburian STIKes Santa Elisabeth, Medan
  • Paska Ramawati STIKes Santa Elisabeth, Medan




Difference, Glucose Blood, Glucose Urine, DM Type NIDDM


Background: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a something disease marked metabolic _ with increase  an levels sugar blood or hyperglycemia that is not reasonable due to by insulin secretion , insulin resistance or both . Indonesia is ranked 7th out of 10 countries with amount patient 10.7 _ million . In normal people found glucose in urine when has reach threshold limit kidney to glucose blood .  On inspection glucose blood and urine there is results different that is glucose blood tall whereas glucose urine negative . Destination study this is for knowing is there is difference results Among rate glucose blood with glucose urine  on NIDDM type diabetes mellitus patient.

Method: Type study descriptive . Population on study this is 613 peoples , sample 50 peoples with technique quota sampling . Data collection obtained through inspection rate glucose sample blood with Siemens Dimension Xpand PLUS tools and Glucose Urine with Benedict's solution.

Results: Glucose level obtained 100% hyperglycemic blood > 200mg/dl, minimum value level sugar blood 204 mg/dl, value maximum rate sugar blood 592mg/dl, average level sugar blood 335.18 mg / dl and Results glucose urine positive (+) 11 samples , positive (++) 10 samples , positive (+++) 22 samples, positive (++++) 2 samples and negative urine (-) as many as 3 samples .

Conclusion: Conclusion there is difference results results rate glucose sample blood and glucose urine where  there is sample negative urine _ on Patients with Diabetes Mellitus type NIDDM Recommended moment To do inspection glucose urine should sample used that is urine morning or sample urine that is taken together with taking sample blood patients with diabetes mellitus, so that the results inspection more easy controlled .